cash in your gear that's collecting dust or to get something else you want. If you see one of ours you like or even If you're in need of cash. 304-374-xxxx www.jamcitycentral.com
Excellent condition valued at $2000.00 new. Easy access for transportation/delivery. Price is negotiable. Great references for delivery and tuning.
Benge 5X trumpet in excellent condition, no dents and the silver plating is in great condition with no significant signs of wear . This is a medium large bore silver plated horn played professionally for only 4 years. This was my 2nd Benge. I am the original owner, bought it new from music store with a sticker price of $1,800 in 1995. The trumpet blows easy and produces a strong bright sound...
An almost brand new, absolutely beautiful, Oscar Schmidt 21 chord autoharp. It is model OS45C - the "Appalachian," known as the favored autoharp for bluegrass. This wonderful musical instrument is in pristine condition - absolutely flawless cosmetically and as beautiful as brand new musically. I purchased it 20 months ago and, aside from looking it over and strumming it a few times, have kept i...
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