Hi, so I recently got a kidney transplant but I got advice from my doctors that they just don't think it'd be a great idea to keep my cats due to my now low immune system. I have two, a 1 yr old and a 10yr old, and I have to get rid of them by the end of the week, or before I go back home. SPCA, in my area, will not take them because there is a 2-3 mnth wait. So I was hoping someone would be ab...
Found stray small cat cute needs grain free food. scared of other cats. Fairly young. likes to be scratched . Will use litterbox.needs a loving home. We origonally found cara in an ally all alone and she followed us home. When she wouldnt leave we just decided to take her in. Now we feel that she needs a more experienced home to give her more attention and room to live. She is an indoor cat who...
Princess is a one year shorthair. She needs to be with someone that does not have children or other pets. She is not a cuddly cat so she is very low maintenance. She will bit and scratch if you try to play with her too much.
Tiger Lily (Lillian) is a very skittish cat and does not get along with other cats, she needs to be adopted with Gemma, they are not siblings but have been together since they were kittens. She is very loving once she gets to know you. If you have other cats, she will mark outside of the litterbox to express her displeasure.
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